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  • �  Ready-to-use silicone surface impregnation

  • �  High penetration depth

  • �  UV-resistant

  • �  Can also be applied on moist substrates (not rain-wet)

  • �  Forms a water- and dirt-repelling surface

  • �  The hydrophobe effect prevents the penetration of moisture from the outside to the inside but it lets the internal moisture escape to the outside

  • �  Bridges hair cracks up to a width of 0,3 mm

  • �  Reduces the tendency of treated surfaces to pick up dirt

  • �  Avoids humidity in the construction material thus avoids salt

    efflorescence as well as moss and algae growth

  • �  Paintable with commercial dispersion paints

  • �  Low odour

  • �  Colourless

  • �  Slight deepening of colour is possible Fields of application

  • �  Hydrophobic treatment of façades and building components made of concrete, cellular concrete, fibre cement, brick-work, natural and artificial stone, mineralic plasters and coatings

  • �  Drainage of moist and cracked surfaces, which are then painted using dispersion paints

  • �  Only for vertical surfaces

Siloxan 290L

Артикул: 5601000
Без НДС |
5L: Transparent
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